Al Basil Eye Clinic

Services include:

  1. Routine Medical Eye Examination
  2. Excimer Laser (LASEK/LASIK) treatment ("super-vision" Aberrometer-guided)
  3. Dilated Retinal Examination
  4. Fully Computerized Testing for Glasses and Contact lenses
  5. Glaucoma Diagnosis and Computer Monitoring
  6. Treatment of Corneal/external eye disease
  7. Medical and Surgical Treatment of dry eye
  8. Aviation Designated Flight Examination
  9. Modern Treatment of Cataracts
  10. Diabetic eye monitoring and laser treatment
  11. Argon Laser Treatment
  12. YAG Laser Treament
  13. Neuro-Ophthalmology
  14. Paediatric Eye Examination

Essentially, truly comprehensive eye care is offered, with Consultant-level standards of care. The Consultant Ophthalmologist performs all required testing personally, no technicians or nurses are relied upon to gather any critical patient data. 

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Clinic 2,
Building 159, Palace Avenue,
Block 318, Hoora.