Al Basil Eye Clinic

Welcome to the home site of the Consultant eye clinic in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Arabian Gulf.

Total comprehensive eye care is available to our patients. This ranges from basic prescribing of glasses, management of complex medical eye conditions through to  "Super-Vision" Excimer-LASEK ("bladeless") refractive surgery.

Please take a look to see the various services that we are able to offer you. We are pleased to offer the highest quality of Western Medical, Surgical or Laser eye care possible.

We remain firmly committed to North American as well as International standards.

This clinic was set up by the husband-and-wife team of

Dr. Basil Al-Zeerah, MBBS, FRCS-Canada 

Mrs. Nahed Sharif, BA (USA)

Slowly but surely our clinic is growing in reputation and equipment capabilities to better serve our patients. We have added new services in 2009 and are in the process of receiving new equipment for this year 2010 to remain firmly at the cutting edge of technology.

It is important to point out though, that the philosophy of our clinic is not to fall into the trap of using unnecessary expensive equipment to substitute for proper clinical training and expertise.

Please note we will be glad to fill out insurance forms, which the patient can then submit to their insurers for reimbursement. We do not have direct billing arrangements with any medical insurance company. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic for an appointment, but be aware that unless you are already a patient of this clinic it is quite inappropriate to ask for any specific medical advice by asking to speak directly to the consultant over the telephone, or sending off an email. 

We do cover the diagnosis and care of the entire spectrum of ocular conditions seen from those in the newborn to those found associated with advanced age. 


Our   Clinic Hours of Service and MAP  

Clinic 2,
Building 159, Palace Avenue,
Block 318, Hoora.