Al Basil Eye Clinic


Al Basil Eye Clinic

Mrs. Nahed Mohd Sharif:              

 She is the designated clinic manager and public relations officer. She attended the American Mission school in Bahrain and then left to the USA to complete her studies.

Sheattended the prestigious Eckerd College in Florida (one of the top 5 colleges in the USA), where she studied business administration with a major in Banking and Finance. She received her Bachelors degree in 1989 from the same college.

On her return to Bahrain, she worked in a prestigous international bank in Marketing for a number of years.

She then accepted the position of clinic manager and public relations officer for the Al-Basil Eye Clinic, a job for which she is very much qualified.

She is currently putting in a solid performance as Clinic Manager, running day-to-day management alongside her husband Dr. Basil.

She is the mother of their two children Faysal (6) and Julianna (3) She is able to speak six languages fluently.

Clinic 2,
Building 159, Palace Avenue,
Block 318, Hoora.
Tel. 17-310030